Easy Motion Skin helps with the improvement of the cardiovascular fitness as well as increases your endurance level. EMS gym training is done using low impact movements, as the Easy Motion Skin stimulates your muscles without much need of action. EMS workout has an inventive approach because of which you can train yourself at a better, easier and a quicker level. At a regular gym membership, you would have to exercise every day and go through a series of split training – such as cardio, muscle groups, weight exercises, etc. but EMS workout is absolutely simple and time efficient.

EMS training is done through high stimulation and lesser body movements, that safely aids all your 650 muscles to train in one session under the guidance of a personal fitness trainer in Dubai.Get a guided tour at Smart Time EMS gym and take a free trial session of Easy Motion Skin to discover for yourself. You can fill up the trial form or call us to book a trial session at any of our three Gym locations – those are in Al Jadaf, Jumeirah and Nad Al Hamar. With only a few sessions you can lose weight and achieve that toned body you have been aiming. During the free trial EMS gym session, you will be guided by a personal trainer in Dubai.

With Easy Motion Skin you get the confidence to go further, thus to help you experience it yourself, your first time is on us! Just fill in your details to get a gym free trial session now! Contact us or call us to know more about classes and gym membership.

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