Why Wireless EMS

While there are several advanced technologies in terms of wearable devices available in the market, what is EMS training and why should you choose Smart Time’s Easy Motion Skin? If you are also asking the same question to yourself, we are here to solve your query.
Easy Motion Skin at Smart Time EMS Gym in Dubai, UAE has over a period of time gained huge recognition because of the health aids and weight loss benefits that the product has to offer. With EMS fitness around 90% of the muscles in the body can be triggered simultaneously using the various frequencies and simulation levels.

Smart Time’s EMS Training Dubai has motion sensors and muscle stimulators that rehabilitates the body and helps in weight reduction with just a few sessions.

Easy Motion Skin is also the first and only wireless EMS training suit in UAE and Middle East. Easy Motion Skin wireless EMS system provides with a person’s biomechanics which is connected through an application, the EMS training suit transmit data to the phone via bluetooth. The IOS application helps to track useful data and accurately estimates and measures the vital signs, such as heart rate, breathing, temperature, levels of perspiration, etc. The application also works as a guided manual to use the EMS training suit and helps stay connected with EMS trainers.

Also, with Smart Time personal fitness trainer in Dubai tailor-made trainings and specific EMS workouts can be provided. Our EMS trainers at Smart Time Gym are qualified to recommend best workout routine that offer ideal muscle stimulator results whether you opt for private home edition or supervised training sessions at the Smart Time EMS Gym or a mix of both!

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Here is why EMS is the best workout routine of all times!

  • First Wireless EMS Fitness offers Freedom
  • 90% Concentrated Muscle Stimulation
  • 20-Minute Workout Session Per Week
  • Heath Beneficial and Effective Fitness Results
  • Tailored Plans and Specialized Attention
  • Lose Weight in Few Sessions
  • Intensify Your Muscle Mass
  • Home Edition for Personal EMS Training
  • Private Sessions for Ladies