Easy Motion Skin (EMS) is the world’s only wireless electro muscle stimulator. Electrical muscle stimulation is a system that enforces the muscles to work harder which indirectly amplifies the natural process of weight loss. Moderate and safe to imply electrical impulses are distributed throughout the body by the Easy Motion Skin suit. Easy Motion Skin suit contains electrodes to enable an intense workout and a stronger training session. EMS training delivers muscle contraction at a more effective and speedy pace. The Easy Motion Skin comes with a Power Box and an iOS application that focuses on tracking, monitoring and training each user efficiently.

EMS Gym training is the only technology in UAE and Middle East to provide you a wireless electro-muscle-stimulation. EMS Training done through Easy Motion Skin which an integrated electro muscle stimulator that burns fat 20 times more efficiently than a regular workout routine. EMS training stimulates up to 90% of your muscles instantaneously and evenly through the body, making it toner and slimmer.

Easy Motion Skin is a tested and certified German invented electrical muscle stimulator. Electrical muscle stimulator is extremely safe if used as per direction. The medical community, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, etc. have been using electro muscle stimulators for several decades to rehabilitate sports persons and athletes.

Sure! Take a trial session with Smart Time EMS Gym. Our team of professionals at Smart Time EMS Gym will be more than happy to take you through a trial session for free.

Smart EMS Gym enables you to take up EMS training session wise, which is supervised in the presence of professionals. Under the direction of Smart Time EMS Gym, you would be provided with additional training software and go through a guided process. We can also create specialized programs and plans in order for you to achieve your target.However, a home edition is also convenient for people who would like to work out in their own luxury. It has a simplified EMS trainer registration, a personal Power Box, and guided manual/training program through which you can train yourself as well as learn to train others.

Easy Motion Skin private home edition includes a simplified trainer registration, a Power Box and a step-by-step training program.

At Smart Time EMS Gym, take advantage of EMS training, session by session or buy an Easy Motion Skin private home edition. (www.smartdealers.ae)

Ensure you have a lot of fluids and drink water or juices before you start your training sessions using Easy Motion Skin, also a regular warmup exercise would be advisable. Also make sure you follow the application at all times or stay connected with Smart Time EMS personal trainers in Dubai.

Easy Motion Skin can be used mainly by adults only. Please ensure that you follow the step-by-step training process or get the trainers advice before you start using the device. For more information on EMS training Dubai contact us now!

Basic repair options are provided, but comprehend that Easy Motion Skin is a technical device and needs to be handled with care.

A statuary warranty is provided with Easy Motion Skin.

Yes, it is compulsory to have an apple device as the trainer’s registration can be done only using an IOS application.

You can buy Easy Motion Skin exclusively at Smart Time EMS Gym.

Yes, you can buy Easy Motion Skin both for private usage and stay connected with an EMS personal trainer from Smart Time EMS Gym or even buy it for commercial purpose from Smart Dealers (www.smartdealers.ae), after acquiring the concerned licenses.

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Smart Time EMS Gym endorses a revolutionary technology to lose weight and stay fit. We have introduced world’s only wireless EMS Muscle Stimulator technology called as the Easy Motion Skin in UAE and Middle East.
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