Is it best to join an EMS fitness studio than a regular gym?

While the world continues debating that EMS fitness studio are too good to be true, taking a chance on EMS, when I got a free gym trial in Dubai I went for it! EMS training studios promise that you can get a toned and a beautiful body instantly. They also claim that it is better to join an EMS Fitness Studio in Dubai, UAE rather than strain and spend long hours in a regular gym.

Nevertheless, before taking the EMS trial being informed about fitness EMS gyms was good, so I read several reports and studies that stated EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. EMS allows the body to reduce weight and target muscle in an easier and quicker way. It also said that EMS fitness is a German innovation mainly used by athletes and sportspersons that helped in achieving a fitter body and provided an enhanced level of endurance as well as strength training.

Well in recent times, EMS studios have caught up with the fitness trend with numerous number of people wanting to make use of EMS fitness technology. Also, an appeal has been created around the fitness spectrum that encourages people, with substantial proof that EMS training studios and gyms are more effective than the conventional gyms.

Here is my comparison between a regular gym and an EMS gym in Dubai:

EMS Fitness Studio & Gyms

  • Advanced Technology
  • Integrated IOS Application
  • Certified EMS Personal Trainer
  • Delivers results in 20-minutes per week
  • EMS Home Training
  • Controlled & concentrated muscle stimulation

Regular Gyms & Health Clubs

  • Standard Mechanism
  • Manual Track Record
  • Certified / Non-Certified Trainers
  • Delivers results only after a regular workout
  • Home Training can be difficult
  • Muscle stimulation cannot be controlled

Here is my verdict on the trial at Smart Time EMS gym in Dubai:

Explaining about the EMS fitness they said, “Bioelectric impulses are naturally generated in our daily life to stimulate muscles, the same technology is being used by the EMS devices to stimulate a concentrated muscle.” After a few regular warm up exercises, I was provided Easy Motion Skin – an EMS suit. The elastic body suit had electrodes on it and fit me perfectly, they also informed that the EMS suit came in several sizes to fit different body types. Once the Powerbox was switched on, the entire suit produced electrical impulses that created momentum throughout the body. Minimal cardio type exercises were instructed by a personal trainer that monitored my every move. The entire session lasted for less than 25 minutes and by the end of it even small muscle movement became difficult. However, I noticed a difference in just one-time trial and the entire experience was fun and worth it!

I would definitely join Smart Time EMS Fitness than a regular gym. Smart Time EMS Fitness surely proves to be time and cost efficient – as I can accomplish my fitness goals quickly.

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